5 Socially Distanced Side Hustles To Keep Your Cash Flowing

If you do not have your own home-based business in place yet, get one as soon as you can. Base it on simple things that you’re good at and get the tax deductions and earnings you so richly deserve. Consider these five independent contractor roles to keep your ends together. Employers are reopening, curtailing guidelines, almost daily. Some are even giving employees deadlines to reaccept former positions at the risk of losing their job entirely. Some businesses have closed altogether and unemployment can feel uncertain. Whichever state of being you find yourself in at this time, consider adding a short-term remote role to move you towards increasing cash flow while physically distancing, doing a world of good, and planning your next steps toward a new decade. 


Become a Good Start Mentor with Pleio, a health support service based in New York City. Half of America does not take medication as directed. This can be dangerous and fatal. Good Starters mentor patients experiencing chronic conditions, who have been newly prescribed medicine. They altruistically provide 100 days to 18 months of medicinal support reminders, compassionate education, and the human engagement necessary to strengthen the recovering person. The result is an earlier refill time, and the health benefits of creating a routine. Encouragement never looked more fulfilling.


Get paid to drive your personal vehicle with Carvertise, a marketing company that’s been in business for eight years. They pair brands with drivers whose natural driving habits align with the brand’s marketing goals. Get your car wrapped for a campaign, advertise wherever you would routinely go, and get paid once-a-month, earning $300-$1,200 per campaign, via direct deposit for doing what you are already doing. Carvertise wraps and removes all ads at no extra cost, and no damage to your ride. Safe driving, and happy earning!


For those who have a love affair with all things learning, words, and the minutia of being meticulous with the alphabet, consider joining 3Play Media to transcribe for their clients. Make your own schedule, work as much or as little as life allows and their happiness factor, 8.5 out of 10 will pay you fairly. Moreover you’ll be rewarded by engaging with lots of different content that you get scribe. This one is a must-have, but since we love content in general, perhaps we’re a little biased.


Perhaps you’re a social media strategist, or you write, edit, design, are skilled in creating digital flyers, business cards, or you do voiceovers, you name it. Create a profile on Fiverr, name your price, and allow the business to rush in. You keep 80% of your fee, add a team to take on more work. Get great reviews and keep growing. This international platform will bring you into contact with humans from all over the globe, while you fill their business needs as your own boss, for no startup cost. Doers are celebrated here. 


Still undecided about what you wanna do? Zero problemos! The Steady community is over 1 million members strong. Be a part of it by signing up to find one day, part-time, sometimes remote employment in many fields. As if extra income was not enough, they have tools and widgets to track your financial health, increase your cheddar in the power of community. Started by Adam Roseman, a child of a single parent who watched his dad struggle in his retirement, Steady rose to prominence with major rounds of funding. It attracted NBA legend, businessman, and now Steady advisor and advocate Shaquille O’Neal to its team. Be versatile while being steady. Go on and grow now.

Here’s to your financial health Mama!



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