Drool-Worthy Nurseries for Every Astrological Sign

Decorating a nursery is both one of the most exciting, but intimidating tasks of your pregnancy. For those seeking inspiration, we’ve got some really meaningful ideas that can suit personal tastes (of course). But consider styling this realm of cozy as determined by your baby’s zodiac sign. There is some rationale and commonality of demeanor under each sign, so why not speak to their budding personalities through bespoken decor? Note the major attributes of each sign, shop, and nurture them from there. You’re welcome Mama!

CANCER – Loyal, Emotional, Highly Imaginative

The Cancer sign is the 4th sign in the zodiac. Wee ones born under this scope are emotional, nurturing, and highly intuitive. Create a haven for imagination and security with this beautiful, enveloping design.

LEO – Creative, Passionate, Cheerful, Humorous

Creative and self-confident, little Leos are impossible to resist. Spark their creative curiosity early on with this fun and colorful style.

VIRGO – Analytical, Hard-working, Kind

Create a bold but practical micro universe that will keep their busy minds active as they learn and explore.\

LIBRA – Social, Cooperative, Gracious

Teeny Libras are known for their balance and grace – and this nursery is filled with both. Made by hand with soft, organic cotton, elephants and birds gently adorn the quilted sham. They’ll never let on that they know that grandma didn’t sew it.

CAPRICORN – Responsible, Disciplined, Self-Control

This relaxed, neutral space is perfect for the even-tempered Capricorn.  Don’t fear, you can shop with ease without sacrificing luxe. This chest of drawers is a perfect anchor for this calm, chic room.

SCORPIO – Stubborn, Brave, Resourceful

Scorpios are known for their passion and power – and this room is the perfect nook for your tenacious babe.

SAGITTARIUS – Idealistic, Great Sense of Humor

Welcome your mini optimist home to this peaceful, and whimsical haven, sure to generate good vibes and plenty of heart-melting smiles.

AQUARIUSIndependent, Progressive, Humanitarian

This travel-inspired nursery will cause the imagination of your tiny world-changer to gleam across dreamy lands, while doing galaxies of good.

PISCES Artistic, Gentle, Intuitive

The most artistic of all the zodiac signs, Pisces are always seeking outlets to explore and express their emotions.  This colorful & inspiring nursery will serve as the perfect creative cocoon for your bundle of joy.

ARIESBold, Courageous, Confident

This striking nautical nursery’s primary colors and bold prints align with Aries’ adventurous and dynamic personalities.

TAURUSRelaxing, Reliable, Practical

Modern and natural, this mid-century inspired nursery is spot-on for a Taurus toddler. Even at the youngest of ages, their earthy nature truly appreciates the practical comforts.

GEMINIGentle, Affectionate, Curious

This light and airy design will ignite flickers of curiosity and encourage sweet sleep for your baby Gemini.



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