These Affirmation Cards Will Take Your Thoughts and Life to a Higher Level

Our thoughts can have a powerful impact on our self-esteem and actions. With all the ebbs and flows of life it can easier than we think to slip into harsh criticism and negative self-talk. The way we speak to ourselves and the words we use in day-to-day life are most certainly linked to the way we end up feeling about ourselves and can affect our ability to go after our goals, have healthy relationships (including the one with ourselves) and live our best lives. 

On this week’s episode of The Suga, Tika and Thai reflect on what it means to respect the road that got us to where we are now and speak on the importance of incorporating mantras and affirmations into our lives with author of the new children’s book What The Road Said and fellow SugaMama, Cleo Wade. During the insightful kiki Cleo shares with the ladies why her mantras mean so much to her. 

“I don’t just think they look or sound cute. We actually use mantras to anchor us to emotional goals. So, the reason I have a mantra is because it anchors me to the goal of taking care of myself. When I’m able to put words to it and have a reminder, and say it to myself over and over again, I’m connected to something that tells me this is always available to you.”

Of course getting into the habit of speaking positivity into your life can be easier said than done, but for those of us who are ready for the challenge and the journey, we’ve rounded up a few beautiful and fun affirmation cards that will help you honor yourself and the road you’re on, and help you find the mantras that will change your life. 

OneEleven Studio Self Love Affirmation Deck

At their core, self-care affirmation cards seek to empower you and provide you with principles and practices that will open your heart and mind. OneEleven Studio’s beautifully illustrated cards help you find your highest power so that you can embrace unconditional love of self. By using the cards as part of a daily morning meditation ritual or as a journal prompt where you explore what a specific affirmation looks and feels like for you, you can begin the habit of showering yourself with love and praise, so that you can live a full life in alignment with self-honor, self-respect, and self-love.

OneEleven Studio’s Self Love Affirmation Deck

OneEleven Studio’s Self Love Affirmation Deck

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Self-Care Sundai Affirmation Cards & Journal

Despite what many people may believe, the practice of speaking affirmations over your life does not have to only occur in your home. As we go through our lives each day there are always moments where we could use a reminder of the positivity that flows through us. Self-Care Sundai’s affirmation cards are small enough for you to carry from home to work and beyond. The 31 mini cards are the perfect to use throughout the day and set your intentions. The cards also come with a beautiful lined journal where you can jot down your thoughts and manifest your deepest desires. 

Self-Care Sundai's Affirmation Cards & Journal

Self-Care Sundai’s Affirmation Cards & Journal

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Inspire Her Pop Open Cards

There’s nothing more powerful than women empowering and inspiring other women. That’s what makes these Inspire Her pop open cards so special. Designed to brighten your spirit and catch your attention, each card features timeless messages of inspiration from women that will capture your heart. If you have a daughter, a sister, or a friend that could use some inspiration, share these cards with them and encourage them to listen to the true, wise statements in their hearts. Then make sure you grab a set for yourself so that you can do the same.

Inspire Her's Pop Open Cards

Inspire Her’s Pop Open Cards

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Black Girl Flourish Affirmation Cards for Black Women

While most affirmation cards on the market might be a bit more on the delicate side, every now and then you need mantras that speak to your ratchet and respectable side as well. These cards from Black Girl Flourish are for the sophisticated SugarMamas that still rock out to trap music when the minis aren’t around. The set includes 31 colorful and beautifully illustrated cards with affirmations that speak to the no filter, real AF side of you. Just start your day off by choosing a card that will hype you up and reaffirm to you and everyone else that you’re still the baddest on the block. 

Black Girl Flourish's Affirmation Cards for Black Women

Black Girl Flourish’s Affirmation Cards for Black Women

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Unbroken Mama Kids Positive Affirmation Cards

Infusing our minds and spirits with mantras and affirmations doesn’t start once you’re an adult. Getting into the habit of speaking positivity over our lives should begin when we’re young, that’s why these cards from Unbroken Mama are perfect for minis. The colorful, kid friendly deck teaches children how to replace a negative thought with a positive truth about themselves, eventually giving them the tools they need to carry with them through all of life. The set of 20 cards helps them build self-esteem, confidence, and positive thinking with a focus on character, not appearances.

Unbroken Mama's Kids Positive Affirmation Cards

Unbroken Mama’s Kids Positive Affirmation Cards

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This week on The Suga we’re reflecting on what it means to respect the road that got us to where we are now with our incredibly thoughtful guest, Cleo Wade! We’re talking all about her new children’s book, “What the Road Said” which is available for purchase now



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