5 Undated Planners To Help Get Your Life Back On Track This Year

These Organizers Take The Stress Out Of Planning So You Can Stay On Top

Raise your hand if you bought a shiny new planner last year only for it to become a pretty paperweight less than half way through the year? Oh, you too? Don’t feel bad, it happened to the best of us. It’s easy to start off strong when it comes to planning out life and end up lost when the unexpected occurs and throws everything off.

The good news is that a new year means another chance to get it right. Now it can be challenging to keep up with daily tasks, to-dos, and appointments these days, but that’s why instead of stressing ourselves out with planning this year, we’re going to slow things down. Undated planners allow you to start and stop life on your terms and without the guilt of leaving months of empty pages behind. Nothing going on until April? Start your journal there. Only in need of an every other month schedule? That’s fine too. It’s all up to you

We found five undated planners that will take the stress out of planning in an uncertain world while helping you stay on top of your goals and have fun in the process. It’s just what your life deserves.

Eeni Edit 12 Month Undated Planner

The fabulous, wanderlust filled Black Girl Magic adventures of fictional fashionista Eeni are a social media sensation. Boss babes everywhere can’t wait to see where she pops up next and what celeb inspired outfit she’ll be wearing. So naturally when Eeni released an undated planner to help her squad stay focused on their own adventures, it was a hit. The planner comes with 12 laminated tabs featuring Eeni artwork, a vision board, goal setting section, 60 pages for notes and colorful stickers perfect for taking Eeni along for the ride each day. Planning never looked so good.



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The Happy Planner 12 Month Undated Planner

It’s not just the bright colored planners or stickers that make The Happy Planner, well, happy. The fully customizable planners are thoughtfully designed to combine organization with creativity and motivation. The undated planner allows you to take life on at your own pace and features 12 dividers with inspirational quotes to keep you moving towards your goals. As well as monthly calendars and weekly spreads to keep you organized. There’s also plenty of room for notes, and of course, personalization.

Undated Biz Babe Diamond Classic Dashboard Happy Planner - 12 Months

Undated Biz Babe Diamond Classic Dashboard Happy Planner – 12 Months

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Day Designer Today & To-Do Non-Dated Planner

Day Designer planners were created with busy SugaMamas in mind. Whether you plan a week or two ahead or need to see your day-to-day laid out, their planners are simple and easy to use with everything you need in one place. There are even free printable inserts to help you track goals, meals, bills and everything in between. Since life can be a bit more unpredictable these days, their undated Today & To-Do planner allows you to start and stop your schedule as needed without skipping a beat. But the best part is that these planners allow you to really take time to be grateful for the small things and that’s more important than ever these days.

Today & To-Do Non-Dated Planner: Camden Rose

Today & To-Do Non-Dated Planner: Camden Rose

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Cloth & Paper Undated Daily Planner Inserts

Cloth & Paper Founder Ashley created these sleek, modern planners after getting tired of buying planners that couldn’t help her plot out her goals. So, what does one do when they can’t find what they need? They create it. Made to fit perfectly into Cloth + Paper’s Quilted Leather Agenda, the Undated Daily Planner Inserts are double sided, come with 60-days worth of planning pages and include sections for priorities, to-do lists, notes and dates. Basically, it’s everything a focused woman ready to take over the world needs to take her to the top.

Cloth & Paper Quilted 6-Ring Agenda er

Cloth & Paper Quilted 6-Ring Agenda er

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Bloom Daily Planners

Looking for a planner that reminds you to choose joy during these crazy times?  Well look no further than Bloom Planners. Their Undated Planner and Notebook combines all your favorite things about planning and organizing into one place. With over 188 full-color pages, mission prompts, goal setting and tracking pages, a vision board, notes, ideas and to-do pages, and more, you’ll find it hard to not get excited about life again. There’s even a coloring book section for those moments when

Bloom 6 in 1 Ultimate Planner & Notebook

Bloom 6 in 1 Ultimate Planner & Notebook

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