5 Stress-Relieving Gifts For The SugaMama That Needs A Day Off

These gifts will help the mama in your life let her hair down and relax.

For the majority of us, the last eight months have been a complete blur. Being locked in the house nearly 24/7 due to the pandemic, and having to eat, sleep and work within the same four walls, has been a different kind of stress. Add to that having to manage restless children and becoming home-schooling teachers overnight, and you can totally understand why your favorite SugaMama might be way overdue for a day off.

Even though whisking our favorite moms off to some exotic locale is off the table for now, it is still important that we allow her the time and space to take care of herself and reset her vibes. After all, if mama ain’t good, no one is good! If you’re looking for the perfect self-care gift, we’ve rounded up a few relaxation items for that special someone in your life who deserves a stress-free day all to themselves.

Mount Lai Rose Quartz Soothing Facial Set

In need of a spa day, but not quite ready to venture outdoors for one – that’s where this Rose Quartz facial set from Mount Lai, comes in. This set is all your mama needs to de-puff, lift and smooth her skin back to life after months of endless Zoom sessions. This quick pick-me-up will have her skin glowing and leave the both of you feeling like winners.


Patchology Hand & Foot Moisturizing Kit

Our hands and feet have definitely been neglected during these trying times. Help your her maintain her perfect tens with this hand and foot moisturizing kit from Patchology. In just ten minutes the softening foot mask and insulating hand mask will erase any cracked and rough skin, revealing soft and rejuvenated skin that every mama deserves.


Royal Craft Wood Luxury Bamboo Bathtub Caddy

You don’t always have to go to a spa to feel pampered. With the luxury bamboo bathtub caddy from Royal Craft Wood, your SugaMama can transform her bathtub into a stress-free haven and treat herself to a relaxing bubble bath while lighting her favorite candle, watching her favorite show and sipping on a glass of her favorite Black Girl Magic wine. Sounds like the perfect mini oasis to us.


Slip Beauty Sleep Set

Naps may have been overrated as a kid, but as adults, we know better. Let your special lady get her Sleeping Beauty on with this two-piece set from Slip. This set is perfect for anyone trying to catch up on long overdue sleep. As a bonus, the luxurious silk pillow and matching eye mask protect her skin and her crown by reducing wrinkles, split ends, and frizz. Your mama will wake up relaxed, refreshed and looking absolutely flawless.


The Chai Box Care Package

Self-care starts from the inside out, that’s why this super cute care package gift from The Chai Box is exactly what your SugaMama needs. The set comes packed with delicious chai tea that has benefits that include improving digestion and blood circulation, and sweet biscuits that add the perfect touch to such a thoughtful gift.




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