The Suga Podcast: Finding Your Front Row With Garcelle Beauvais

This week we’re celebrating Galentine’s day with the one and only Garcelle Beauvais! We’re talking all about sisterhood and how to find a squad that lifts you up, cheers you on and fixes your crown. Plus, Garcelle shares what it’s like co-parenting her teen sons, finding love during Covid, and her big goal for 2021!
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Throw It In The Bag this week:

Thai selected Alabaster Co beautiful bibles and Tika threw a gorgeous bundle from them in her bag too!

Alabaster Co.

Alabaster Co.

$30 (and up)
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Tika has been working on herself from the inside out and as someone who isn’t a huge breakfast fan she tossed Oui yogurt into her bag because “it’s delicious” and a great way to start the day!

Oui French Style Yogurt from Yoplait

Oui French Style Yogurt from Yoplait

$2.50 -$3.99
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