These Tips Will Help You Maintain Healthy Relationships with Your Girl Squad No Matter What

Want to show your soul sisters you care? It doesn’t take much.

As we get older we have less time and less energy, and fewer for many things, including our friendships. It gets super easy to just let our friendships cruise on autopilot, with a few social media likes, comments and flaky promises for drinks sprinkled in so that we don’t forget the other exists. But is that really a healthy way to maintain a friendship?

These days, with the COVID-19 pandemic lurking, it has gotten especially difficult to find meaningful ways to connect with the friends we were already having trouble finding time to connect with face-to-face. This week on The Suga, Thai spoke on how the current times have taught us just how valuable and important it is to keep our girl squad tight, as she and Tika shared how they maintain the important relationships in their lives.

“Relationships, particularly when you’re separated from everyone, have proven to be more valuable than ever, and I think this has really proven who you can really lean on. I value my relationships and one thing about the pandemic, its actually given me time to rekindle some of those sisterships that fell by the wayside.”

If you’ve been struggling to keep up with your inner circle as life gets busy and heavy, we’re here to share five simple tips that will help you reconnect with your sisters and maintain your friendship – no matter what.

Prioritize the People You Love and Be Consistent

The older we get, the busier we get, and the busier we get, the harder it gets to keep up with the people we hold dear. It’s not intentional, it’s just life. But just like with anything else, if it’s important to you, you have to make it a priority. The same way you schedule hair appointments and gym time, be intentional about setting time aside to connect with your friends – and be consistent. The only way for your relationship to flourish is to consistently work at it, trust us, it’s worth the extra effort.

Pick Up the Phone

We get it, life is…a lot. After a long day of adulting the last thing any of us want to do is spend time talking on the phone. In fact, we could all probably think of a million other things more enjoyable when you’re tired and in need of rest. However, like any relationship, in order to maintain it you have to put in the effort, even when you don’t feel like it. Picking up the phone (and we don’t mean to just text) and actually checking in with your friend and sharing a laugh or two can bring some much-needed stress relief to both of your lives. Hey, who knows if they’ll answer if you call (after all, they’re busy too), but even a voicemail will brighten their day and show your friend that you genuinely enjoy talking to them.

Don’t Forget to Celebrate Each Other

Life may get busy the older we get, but it should never get so busy that we forget to celebrate life’s most joyous moments. Whether it’s a new job, a mini on the way, reaching a savings goal or losing those pesky pounds, remember to carve out time to be your girl’s biggest cheerleader. Send a supportive text or buy flowers, surprise them with celebratory drink, anything that lets your friend know that you’re really on their side. Because after all, the one thing we want most from our friends is to feel supported and loved.

Give Them Space

As much as we may want to be around our besties all the time, showering them with love, we have to give them space to breathe – and respect it. Yes, it’s annoying when a friend doesn’t return a call or takes three days to respond to a text, but maybe they’re going through a rough patch, are overloaded with work, or an introvert that needs some alone time to recharge. If your friendship is real, these moments shouldn’t divide you. Reach out to let your friend know you are there, check in from time to time, and then let them come to you. We promise, when they do, it’ll be like they never left.

Keep It Real

Calling, showing up, etc is great, but above all else the most important thing that you can do to maintain a healthy friendship is to have a meaningful connection. That can only happen when you both keep it real. That means creating a no-judgement zone where you can count on each other to be as serious or silly as you need. It means no holding on to feelings that may cause anger and resentment. It means no lies and no secrets. Anything other than being 100-percent authentic with your friend is a no-no.

Listen to our conversation from The Suga with the one and only Garcelle Beauvais! We’re talking all about sisterhood and how to find a squad that lifts you up, cheers you on and fixes your crown. Plus, Garcelle shares what it’s like co-parenting her teen sons, finding love during Covid, and her big goal for 2021! Show us some love, don’t forget to rate and review!



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