Black-Owned Candle Companies That Melt Our Stresses Away

Candles are the environmental changers of everything on the homefront. The give us an air of relaxation, ease, and comfort. From the flicker of the flame to the wafting fragrances that dance through our powder rooms they are part and parcel of our lives. Maybe your partner gifted you with a decadent glow while he drew your bath. The charm, and spa environment sets the tone, the mood for an ensuing massage, or an amazing rest. Transform your rare air with Black-owned candle companies who are churning out noteworthy scented goods.

Mind Travel

12th & VIVis the luxury soy candle we’ve always wanted. One of Tika’s new favorites. You can smell the scent as soon as you open the box. It’s not one of those scented candles that will have you running for a tissue to sneeze, instead, it transports you to feel like you’re supposed to be leaning back on an island somewhere. The $45 price tag of the hand-poured candles is well worth it. Let it burn.

Intentions of the Candle Kind

BLK+GRN markets Blue Sage Intention Candle is a soy-based, hand-poured wax candle. Beautiful mantras like I AM HAPPY, I AM HEALTHY, I AM WEALTHY. The beautiful rosemary, lavender, and sage scent is so delicate that your meditation moments might cause you to stay seated for a bit longer. This candle promises to burn for 100-120 hours. Manifest away ladies!

Home is Where this Candle is

Southern Elegance’s eco-friendly soy candles may have you remembering moments from places you’ve traveled or the memory of simply drinking sweet tea with your grandma. They create touchstone candles that might have you in your feelings. The hand-poured candles come in travel size as well, so you can take home wherever your feet may travel.

Uplift and Revive

Choiselle’s Ylang, Ylang Coconut wax candle might change your mood immediately because of it’s fragrant scent. Ylang, Ylang is said to be a natural depression revitalizer. This cold-pressed coconut wax goes through what the company calls a hydrogenation process that results in a cleaner and longer-lasting burn. Pre-order now, that’s how quickly these babies are going! They also come in fresh Lemongrass and calming Lavender.

Tour de Art

Interior designer. Wife. Mother. That’s how feng shui designer extraordinaire describes herself on marieburgosdesign.com and we are obsessed. We could not stop clicking through her site, it’s so serenely beautiful. Her candle pieces are works of art. You might want to repurpose them after you’re done burning them. We are so happy we stumbled upon this gem of a site. The premium Cacao Caboosse Candle is made from soy and beeswax. We don’t even care about the fragrance, the craftsmanship is gorgeous and worth every dollar.

Hopefully one of these Black-owned candle co.’s will light up your life a little Mama!



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