It’s Black Breastfeeding Week, Meet Brittani & Cru Ivy

“If you nurse your baby for just one day, you’ve done them a world of good.”

–Dr. India Reid, as told to a gestational, first-time mom to relieve her of any future guilt, and nervousness about the unknown.

In honor of you we are hosting our inaugural Milk & Suga Summit, this Friday, August 28, from 9 AM to 12 PM, PST.

Today we highlight the thoughts and experiences of our beautiful Mamas who have allowed us space into their intimate moments of beautiful Black breastfeeding.

Take it all in, register for free here, and bless us with your presence.

“Although my mom didn’t breastfeed me, my…entire group of friends is breastfeeding their children. That kind of made me want to breastfeed my child, seeing other Black women…”

“I’ll breastfeed anywhere, on the beach, at restaurants…”

“I’ve never been told to cover up…I don’t feel that’s a necessity. It’s natural…for mothers to do…”



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