Eco-Friendly Bedding You Need In Your Life Right Now

Saving the planet while you sleep never looked or felt so good.  

These days it’s hard to deny that our beloved Mother Earth is changing. From rising temperatures and seal levels to deforestation and the extinction of animals, it’s clear our planet needs some extra loving. Many of us try to do our part to help by doing small things each day like taking short showers, carpooling, reducing our plastic usage, using chemical-free cleaning products and recycling. But did you know that you can also live an eco-friendly life while you sleep?

We rarely think of our bedrooms as a place to practice sustainability, but it is actually the perfect place to start. So much of our time is spent in our beds, and by simply redefining what we think comfy, eco-friendly bedding should be, we can bring in items that not only look and feel good, but help us sleep better and save the planet at the same time. These days many companies know that customers are looking for this duality, and in response are creating soft, luxurious and affordable bedding made chemical and cruelty-free, certified-organic and through fair-trade, which means in addition to being Earth-friendly their products are people-friendly too.

From sheets that wrap you in luxury to supportive pillows and cooling comforters, we’ve rounded up a few brands that will help you live a more sustainable life, right from the comfort of your bed.

Boll & Branch

Boll and Branch is known as the “first organic, Fair Trade Certified bedding company,” and it prides itself on providing customers with all consciously-designed, ethically-sourced everything from sheet sets and pillows to mattresses and bath products. If you’re looking to get into this brand, the best way to start is with its popular Everything Bed Bundle that has everything you need in one place. And the bonus? Boll & Branch keeps SugaBabies in mind too with fun gift sets for the stroller, bed and bath. Now everyone in the house can have sweet, and sustainable, dreams.


Ettitude’s mission is to provide customers with a bedding experience that is “as soft as silk, as sustainable as hemp, as breathable as linen, but at the price of cotton,” and if you’ve ever had the opportunity to try their Bamboo Lyocell Sheets, you know that they definitely deliver on their promise. The brand’s eco-friendly and organic CleanBamboo material feels as good as it looks and keeps you cool all night for a restful sleep so that you wake up looking and feeling flawless.  Bonus? All of Ettitude’s sheets are made 100% cruelty-free.

SOL Organics

SOL Organics premium bedding is free of everything from pesticides to herbicides, child labor, and discrimination. The sustainable organic and fair-trade brand prides itself on “Making Ethical Luxury Affordable,” with, “Equal pay for all,” and you feel it with every touch of their fine sateen and percale sheets. Their Classic Organic Bedding is made with 100% certified organic cotton and perfect to snuggle into bed with during the cold winter months.

Nest Bedding

When it comes to bedding, a good comforter can be so hard to find.  Everything from the weight and feel to the quality of the materials can make or break your decision to bring a new comforter home. With Nest, you get luxurious certified organic cotton sateen that regulates body temperature and helps you sleep more comfortably. The comforters are also made in the United States and tested CertiPUR-US, which means that Nest products are free of harmful carcinogenic chemicals. That also means that when you snuggle under one of their Organic Merino Wool comforters, you’re getting the highest quality sleep possible, and that’s the Nest goal.


No matter whether you’re moving, upgrading or wanting to start fresh, the Parachute brand has you covered. However, what they do best is provide eco-conscious shoppers with luxury, sustainably sourced and socially responsible bedding that makes you feel good. They even partner with the United Nations’ Nothing But Nets campaign that provides malaria-prevention nets to communities in need. So go ahead and grab their Linen Starter Bedroom bundle for your Mother Nature inspired refresh, the world thanks you.



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