The Simplest Pumpkin Carving and Decorating Kits to Have a Festive (and cozy) Halloween

COVID-19 cannot and will not take away all of our fun. So trick-or-treating is considered a higher risk activity by the CDC, fair. But it does not mean that we can’t carve and decorate pumpkins, light them up and have a horror movie marathon with the ones we’re with! Jump into All Hallow’s Eve hands first, costumed up, and ready to make this 2020 memory one for the books.

Half of the fun is if you’re inexperienced, and have no idea what you’re doing but we are positive that these carving kits will make it a skull walk, in our best Vincent Price voice on the Thriller album, “have fun and beware!”

Stencils and Tools at the Ready

For third-graders and older; take pumpkin carving to new levels with 16 stencils and 9 pumpkin carving tools — 2 tracers, 2 pokers, 2 scoopers, 2 detailers, and 1 carver. Staying in the spirit of the season with the orange and black color scheme adds seasonal flair to the tools in hand. 

Patterns on Patterns on Patterns

Create your own spooky carved pumpkin withMichael’s-exclusive carving kit by Pumpkin Masters. It includes all the tools you will need to carve-out detailed pumpkins for Halloween. Complete with 14 carving patterns; 1 starter saw; 1 detailed saw, 1 utility saw; 1 scraper scoop; 1 drill; and 1 pattern book.

Carve Without Using Sharp Tools

Pumpkin Punchers Pumpkin Carving Kitis easy to use, boasts easy clean up and most of all, you don’t need knives or saws for any of the carving festivities. The stencils are dishwasher safe. Pro-grade stainless steel blades will be around for many art projects to come.

For the Pros Who are Precise, Yet Still Need a Template

The minis will stand in awe of your pumpkin carving mastery with the Dremel Pumpkin Carving Kit . Its lightweight low speed is ideal for gaining control over small and intricate designs and is more manageable for beginners. Use it at high speed for faster carving. Clean the pumpkin out first and simply etch the design right on the surface. The Dremel can be used on pumpkins, apples, bars of soap, and on faux pumpkins. So let the scary spread throughout the entire house.

10 templates include two ghosts, a witch, a haunted house, a scary cat, two snaggletooth faces, a vampire, a skeleton, and a ‘Happy Halloween’ moniker.

Faux Flickering LED Tea Lights

The safe, and warm ambiance that Halloween night craves, without the mess. These VONT LED candled tealights are designed to set the perfect mood for carved creations and ominous movie nights. No more cleaning candle drips or worrying about starting a fire. Simply flick the switch to turn on and enjoy the warm dance of heat-free lights.

Lighting Up To Lantern Status

Remote controlled LED lights designed for Large Halloween Pumpkin Decorations, are the final touch your carvings need. Set the timer and watch ‘em glow for hours from up to 20 feet away. These lights are specially designed for big size pumpkin décor. They are bright enough to light up your whole Jack-’O-Lantern, and your home. Great decorations for Halloween, they are also perfect for, dare we say it, Thanksgiving fall garland, Christmas trees, weddings, birthday party deco and table centerpieces.

Pumpkin Decorators Please Stand Up

Though minis under age 3 will have to mostly enjoy via observation, decorate your pumpkin without the mess of cleaning out pumpkin guts. From ears to eyelashes to hair and, of course, a horn, this unicorn pumpkin craft kit is sure to make pumpkin decorating a fun DIY session for the whole family, even for the not so crafty members. The Unicorn Halloween Pumpkin Decorating Kit from Hyde & EEK! Boutique™ gives off the whimsy that we adore. It comes with an array of stick-on pieces that make it easy as pie to make your pumpkin look like a magical, glittery unicorn.

‘P’ is for Painting Pumpkins!

This acrylic paint set features 6 Fall Paint Colors. The paint is versatile enough to cover multiple surfaces, ornaments. This nontoxic kids paint is safe for ages 5 and older. Crayola craft paint will yield tons of uses for many more holidays to come

Warner Brothers feature some of the most iconic characters who we know and love. Batman, Wonder Woman, Cinderella…your pumpkin can truly be anything it wants to be. The Batman 7pc Halloween Pumpkin Push-In Decorating Kit comes with the arms, the topper, paint, and the emblems for those who vy for a more instant designing experience.



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