Embrace Your Inner Plant Mama This Spring With These Helpful Tips

Spring has sprung! The weather is heating up, the sunny days are getting longer and plants and flowers are in bloom. If you’re like most people, you picked up a few hobbies over the last year, including becoming a plant mama. However, if you’re anything like me, a few of those babies went peacefully into the light once you realized your green thumb is a bit more on the black side. No worries, you’re not alone. 

Getting a plant for your home always sounds good in theory, but without guidance it can be a matter of days before another one bites the dust. It can be a draining emotional rollercoaster that definitely takes your SugaMama powers to their limit. But like they say, where there’s a will, there’s a way and keeping your plants alive doesn’t have to be an exercise in defeat. 

From how to choose the perfect plant baby for your home to maintaining its ‘edges,’ we’ve got a few tips that you can use to tap into your inner plant mama and turn your home into a leafy-green dream just in time for spring.

Decide On Your New Plant Baby

Choosing a plant is not as easy as choosing the prettiest plant in the nursery. The look of your new baby doesn’t necessarily give you insight into how easy or hard it will be to maintain. If you want a fighting chance at keeping your plant alive, be sure to ask lots of questions and ask for help picking out low maintenance plants like snake plants, fiddle leaf trees, assorted ferns, and pothos. Having a plant that is hard to kill can take some of the new motherhood pressure off. 

Step into the Light

You’ve brought your new plant baby home, now what? You might assume placing it on a random counter or window sill in your home is all you need to do in order to ensure its survival – wrong. Just like your real-life minis need sunlight to grow up happy and strong, so does your plant. You need to create the right environment for it to grow. Depending on the plant you chose, you might need to give it bright, non-direct light and good humidity to make it happy. For others, natural light is best. If you live in an apartment or home where light just refuses to shine through, grab some grow light bulbs for a quick fix.

Chef Plant Mama

Cropped shot of an attractive young business owner surrounded by plants

You already know how to whip it up in the kitchen for your mini, so making sure you’re keeping your plant baby fed will be a breeze. Doing simple things like keeping bacteria away by putting activated carbon in the soil and using distilled water to keep your plan hydrated will make all the difference. What you feed your plant matters. You also want to make sure that you don’t overwater your plant by stick to watering routine every seven to ten days, and use clay/terracotta pots for excess water drainage as well.

Get Those “Edges” Together

Just like our hair, plants need a good trim every now and then to help them grow tall and strong. Depending on your particular plant, pruning its leaves should happen before its growth season in the early spring or at the end of fall. Use sharp scissors or garden shears to remove dead leaves and limbs at a 45-degree angle. Remove 10%-20% of the foliage, anything more will make it difficult for it to grow properly. Also, be sure to wipe down your plant’s leaves. This is a step many plant mamas forget. 



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