Meatless Monday: Enjoy These Black Owned Vegan Soul Food Restaurants

OK so the very thought of chatting about food has us salivating, energy levels are increasing in the best ways possible, and our hearts are beating faster for good reason. The Black experience includes food in its most cathartic state. It’s a connecting focal point of our gatherings, serves bragging rights or pans of shame — if you go home with a full dish of what you brought, LOL, sorry for laughing, that’s rude. Now we factor in health, alkalinizing our insides for top health and in walks in soul food vegan. Cancer cells cannot live in an alkaline environment, and neither can other diseases that dismantle our health.

Yes, it’s possible to get booed up with succulent flavor with NO animal byproducts whatsoever, and combine healthy-ish eating. This is what we call Black cooking magic, cause “baaabbbyyyy” these culinary cuties will have you tipping up to the line up for seconds, the biggest compliment we all know that anyone can give the chef!

Get Sluttified

Aisha Pinky Cole is a hustler! She’s vegan, and from her high school days of reselling McDonald’s sandwiches for double the price back in the lunchroom, after losing her NY businesses to fire, and facing hard times, this former award-winning TV producer yearned for some good vegan and found nothing. From there she developed The Slutty Vegan, and within six months purchased property for two more coming soon locations. On your next trip to the “A”, stop and get “sluttified” by taking your first bite into the Fussy Hussy! A plant-based patty loaded with pickle, vegan cheese, caramelized onions, lettuce, tomato, and the proprietary Slut Sauce on a vegan Hawaiin bun. A rarity nowadays, all burgers come with fries.

Healthy Food for Life

Lemel Durrah is a man on a serious mission. The lives of Comptonitesnare depending on it. As neighborhood stratification goes, areas, where there is a high concentration of minorities, hoods are usually surrounded by fast-food joints, void of healthy choices. Literally 18 year-olds are battling high blood pressure. Lemel, owner of Compton Vegan is whipping up foods that are visually familiar but they are affordable, healthy, and vegan. His social media presence boosted his business, and he is set on becoming a competitive franchise to offer good eats and healthy bodies in Black communities across America. A Sugaberry favorite, the BBQ Chik’n is made from plant-based proteins (contains wheat), the gooey mac n’ cheese is cashew-based, and BBQ Jackfruit Ribz are handcrafted, plant-based proteins. Top it all off with their house-made BBQ sauce and we practically guarantee that you’ll eat good, and feel great.

Baby Steps to Veganism

The gorgeous Chef Babette is the proof in the pudding of a vegan fit life. After permanently abstaining from meat 30 years ago she opened up Inglewood vegan soul restaurant, Stuff I Eat. We like to eat over here at Sugaberry, so it’s no surprise that this soul eatery is another fave. Our general manager, Blaire proclaims that the shining star of the BBQ Tofu Organic Soul Food Platter is the BBQ tofu.  Pick-up + delivery guests can also have yams, greens, black-eyed peas, potato salad & coleslaw. Their menu is designed as a “transitional menu” for those seeking to transition from an animal-based diet to a plant-based diet. We love how they honor the journey of change.

From Homeless to Vegan Resto Owners

In 2014 they were living out of their RV, literally eating dandelions, on June 22, 2020, their ownership dreams came true. When we read in VegNews about Bryon and Natasha Dockett’s recent opening of their plant-based home in the Fairmount section of Philly, UN Soul Food – we had to include this infectiously loving pair to our lineup. They offer a restaurant, catering, pop-ups, and meal prep. Oh my goodness. We were delighted by their offerings of traditional favorites like their award-winning mac n’ cheese. It’s 100% plant-based, southern cuisine yet it’s their love story that also brought us to our knees. The video of their wedding that they debuted on the gram, @meetthedocketts for the very first time will leave you in a daze. This is a culinary love story that effuses the sweetness of Black love and their unique contribution to the foodie world. In your summer plans north, you must pit stop for a must-do detour to pick up your plates or in September, visit them at the indoor Philly Vegan Night Market.

Eat good, feel good Mamas!



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