Smoothie Operator: Check Out this Delicious & Drinkable Recipe to Lift your Mood

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Maintaining mental and emotional health is everything.
Life as we knew it has dramatically shifted so I thought it necessary to enlist the help of one of my favorite women in fitness to buttress our community with her nutritional expertise.

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Our Wellness Pro, Brittany Dixon

Hey Sugaberries! As we are #AloneTogether and collectively grappling and coping with the mental health impact of wearing and speaking through masks in public, saying farewell to our loved ones who are losing their fight against COVID-19 over digital devices versus holding their hands in-person, social distancing, following stay-at-home orders, we’re all facing difficult and varying challenges of isolation and uncertainty.

You may feel stuck, but please know you are not alone!  Take charge of your mental health, stay connected with family and friends, explore a new hobby and try to be intentional about using well-balanced and whole foods as fuel to support inner and outer vitality. 

Mood Lifting Smoothie

This smoothie contains several ingredients to physiologically brighten your day! Kale contains magnesium, a natural stress reliever, while flaxseeds are loaded with Omega-3, a fatty acid that may help with mood disorders ranging from depression, postpartum, and bipolar disease. Banana, a feel-good, naturally creamy ingredient that slows the release of glucose into the bloodstream, managing blood-sugar fluctuation that can often lead to agitation, and irritability. Plus, bananas contain a natural chemical called tryptophan, which later gets converted to serotonin, a relaxing neurotransmitter in the brain that contributes to our happy emotions, and wellbeing.

Mood Lifting Smoothie

BY Brittany Dixon – Nutrition & Wellness Consultant


½ Cup
Small Handful
¼ Cup
Flaxseed (ground)
1 tsp
Unsweetened Almond Milk
1 cup


Step 1
Add all ingredients into a high-power blender, about 40 seconds until smooth. Sip slowly + enjoy!

Brittany is a Certified Personal Trainer, former National NPC Bikini Athlete, commercial actress, fitness model and fitness influencer with over 15 years of expertise in exercise and health. Her television production background has inspired her to venture out to start her own production company, Brittany Dixon Media, creating unscripted video content around wellness, entertainment and travel.

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