Trust us, 5 sweet treats you and everyone deserves!

P.S. You Need This In Your Life: Co-Founder’s Official Wink of Approval

Williams Sonoma Red Velvet Cake

Co-Founder, Tika swears by this scratch-made cake and it is a sho’ nuff fact because after she posted this deliciousness on the gram, not only was Williams Sonoma in her comments, but the velvety gem was on backorder, over 60K hearts later, future stock choice? Maybe. That’s how yummy, and we don’t love saying this word out loud but it’s accurate, moist this thing is. You will be pleasantly surprised. This cake literally melts in your mouth and it will lure you into coming back for seconds, thirds, fourths, fifths, and…well, you get the point.

Red Velvet Layer Cake

Red Velvet Layer Cake


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Sugar and Spice and Everything Nice

The Milk Bar Store has every cake and dessert care package your big heart desires. Wanna ship something sweet to one of your lovies?  Try sending this nostalgic Strawberry Shortcake. The Milk Bar Store promises that their delicious goodies are made fresh daily. Scouts honor. Our mouths are already watering in high anticipation.

Every Day I’m Trufflin’

Did you miss that special someone’s birthday, but still wanna celebrate them? Easy. Truffles, truffles everywhere, truffles, truffles let’s all share! This cute box of birthday truffles ships fast and costs less than an entire cake. Careful though, we hear the cakes get a tad bit jealous after their sudden departure.

The Sweet that Disrupts your Meal Prep

Sight unseen, we all know that irresistible, invisible call when we would shop at our favorite malls. It’s the intrusive and always enticing fragrance of a CINNABON. Yeah, yeah we know how many calories they have but we are all worthy of this yummy treat, aren’t we? The iconic roll not one of us really wants to resist. Welp, they deliver and there’s nothing we can do about it, except to purchase and enjoy!

Cinnabon Cinnamon Rolls

Cinnabon Cinnamon Rolls

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See’s Candies stores might be closed for now but that doesn’t mean they aren’t shipping these beautiful almond clusters to a door near you. This picture makes us want to do a Wreck It Ralph jump through the computer screen for a nibble that would be well worth the risk. See’s just doesn’t disappoint. They never have.

Have a Heart – Yummo!

Hey, if you can’t have a bellini, you can have a bellini heart gummy. These Sugarfina bites are perfect when you need that little something special to satisfy that sweet tooth. With their natural peach center, they might have you begging for more after just one fun-sized morsel.

Pie, Pie, Pie, Pie…

Southern Girl Desserts’ Sweet Potato Pie. You had us at Southern!!! Chile, if you no longer have the energy to make it on your own or just don’t know how, call Southern Girl Desserts. Give them 24-hours notice, because these babies are in high demand. We’re sure they put their foot in each one, every single time.



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