Sugaberry: A Love Letter To Moms

Sugaberry: A Love Letter To Moms

Welcome To Sugaberry

We’re so excited to share in this new space with you all! Thank you for stopping by Sugaberry, a brown mama’s guide to the sweet life. A place where mommies, moms-to-be, aunties and the undecided, can be and see our complete selves.

I (Tika) hope Sugaberry is a place where you can indulge and delight in all sweet joys of motherhood. When I was pregnant with my now 3-year old Ella-Loren, I yearned for a space like this. I felt like the narrative of black motherhood was so weighted in death, doom and destruction.

While there are hard and critical issues that need to be discussed amongst us, there is also the other side of us which includes sweetness, beauty and fun that we don’t get to openly explore. 

When Tika approached me (Thai) about launching this platform, I jumped at the opportunity to help build a community focused on informing, inspiring, but most importantly, indulging modern moms of color.  I struggled with infertility before giving birth to my now 2-year-old son, Nile Amen. And when I was on that journey, it would have been great to have a supportive uplifting space like Sugaberry. 

Now that dream is a reality. This is the space for you, the sweetest of berries. Welcome to the sweet life – because you deserve some SUGA!


Tika & Thai

Co-founders of Sugaberry



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