I Tried A Gentle Detox Cleanse That Was Easy And Supportive

When I used to think of detoxing and cleansing, my mind would go to fad beverages like lemon and cayenne pepper, drinking “vinegary” albeit bad-tasting substances, and avoiding foods that make me happy. For these reasons I tended to shy away from them, and just made sure I ate whole, healthy ingredients, and that I cook at home as often as possible. Even when I snack on a sweet treat, as long as the ingredients are handcrafted, whole, and pronounceable, it’s all good.

My sorority sister called me one day raving about how her friend’s skin was glowing and how she dropped some weight, due to a cleanse she just finished. So I was all ears as this was on the heels of me wasting almost $250 on another system promising to rid me of fibroids but the pain after drinking their elixirs was beyond what I experienced during childbirth. Needless to say, those brown glass bottles ended up in the trash.

Her excitement and the change she witnessed in her friend was contagious. This system by Arbonne seemed to be the real deal, so I signed up. Arbonne has been doing the clean ingredients, vegan thing 40 years before it reached its now popular heights. The purchase totaled about $250 after taxes, the free gift, an overnight face jelly was regular sized and wonderful, and the customer service of my consultant was 100. I loved the fact that my investment included a preferred customer link where I can go in and purchase my own products at a discounted price, with more amazing free gifts (I LOVE their coconut body butter, add a little lemon coconut oil and your skin is delicious). My 30-day journey seemed to consist of healthy, and easy lifestyle tweaks that did not send me into any kind of shock. I felt more energized, shed some pounds, and most of all made adjustments to what I chose to eat – which is 80% of health and fitness anyway. For a girl who thoroughly enjoys great food, and snacks, this was a perfect fit. I never felt cheated, can we start there?

The Essentials

Kamryn, my consultant sent me the all-important list of foods to avoid but I focused on what I could have – whole grains, organic preferred but green veggies, and fruits. I coincidentally needed to grocery shop in the beginning, but I snacked on what was at home. I quickly learned that carrots are considered a starchy vegetable and to avoid them and other “starchies” during this time.

For the first two to three weeks, I chose to drink two essentials protein shakes a day, with healthy snacks – I love almonds, wheat matzos, gluten-free pretzels, I don’t drink dairy, (not using high-quality butter was a personal challenge) so with the plant-based vegan protein shakes made of peas, rice, and cranberries, I felt very satiated with my choice of vanilla and chocolate. I used almond milk and eventually mostly water, added flax seeds, nuts, and sometimes added their essentials green balance – a small scoop of a concentrated blend of green, red, blue, and yellow fruits and veggies delivering antioxidants, and phytonutrients – chemical compounds from plants believed to be powerfully beneficial for humans.

It’s in The Tea

The essentials herbal detox tea was and still is one of my absolute favorite parts of the 30-day reset. It supports toxin elimination with hydration, a mild, caffeine-free herbal tea featuring Milk Thistle which supports liver detoxification (the liver is so important because it’s a filter!), Peppermint which assists in popping bloating bubbles and it tackles indigestion. Dandelion can reduce blood pressure, inflammation, and cholesterol.

I frequently added the essentials digestion plus– a no-taste prebiotic (feeds probiotics), probiotics, and digestive enzymes. What’s so exciting about this was I balancing my gut health by infusing it with good bacteria, and the enzymes were assisting in breaking down clean foods.

Fizzy Lifting Sticks

Most of all I could drink this tea as much as I wanted and by doing so, innately carved out moments of solace and quiet for myself. Sitting down drinking tea became a ritual of relaxation and mental self-care. In the mornings I boosted my energy by adding the energy fizz sticks. They promote temporary alertness and help reduce fatigue without crashing. It’s the natural equivalent to coffee instead it boasts a blend of ginseng, guarana, and green tea. Plus it’s fun to watch it fizz in your tea, creating quite the “tizzy”!

By week three it was time to add the essentials body cleanse. Gentle aloe lines the GI tract and choline helps to support liver function. It pushes out toxins, and you drink it with 32 ounces of water throughout the day. You will naturally rid yourself of toxins and for me, it addressed bloating, and the fibroid pain became next to zero on a daily basis.

Sugar Cravings Be Gone

What I loved was that sugar cravings were and still are non-existent. If I wanted a Whole Foods bakery cookie or a piece of homemade pumpkin bread (my daughter hearts baking), I nibbled on it and that was it. I didn’t devour the whole loaf or finish the pack like I would do in times past. If I craved fried chicken during my menstrual cycle (during the cleanse) I bought a gorgeous brown Ethiopian flour by Bob’s Red Mill (that could be a whole listicle by itself – Good Grains!) that gave me the same crunch as the other stuff. I did not condemn myself for listening to my body and giving it what it wanted. No, you’re not supposed to eat these things while on a cleanse but I didn’t say I did it perfectly.

Energy, and True Wellness Transformation

It was joyful to incorporate the different parts of this system into my life. It was fun and it became a lifestyle habit. So even though the 30 days is technically done I have made new and better choices, and I will continue to add these products to my lifestyle. Kamryn called me once a week to give me space to discuss my progress or to share solutions to help with my setbacks. That kind of support felt very holistic. She shared her IG to do her workouts and I loved that option.

Before this cleanse I barely had the energy to work out but along with taking food-grade iron, vegan D3, and other supplements including chaste berry, now I work out 3-4 times a week.  The Arbonne 30 days to healthy living delivered what it promised. It fostered mindful eating choices (cooking at home is key in my opinion) and provides an easy supplemental system that makes your body feel calm, and whole. For those who go a long time without eating, the shakes and your snacks will resolve this bad habit, all for long-term wellness. My nutritional tweaks are firmly in place and I don’t deny myself what I want, I just find the best ingredients to eat, and I very easily just eat a small portion and I move on.

This was my version of true guilt-free eating freedom, and true health and wellness change. I will more than likely do this once or biannually to press my body’s reset button.

You can contact Kamryn at: kamryncardenaz.arbonne.com.

Cheers to wholesome, and lasting health Mamas!



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