Save Some Cash By Doing These 5 Things For Yourself

Time is truly the most valuable commodity we have. Why? Because it can’t be replaced. Doing certain things yourself takes time but there are some benefits to investing it into these 5 money-saving habits that can pad your investment fund or the one you’ll start after racking up even more disposable income you find in your budget after this read. Tweak some simple habits from the pros in the comfort of your own home. Our dwelling places have become more important than ever, time spent there is different than time spent anywhere else. So have fun adapting cash-saving habits that fit in your world. Your savings will thank you.


Get Rooted

  1. Coloring grey hair starts upward from $55. Roots grow at an average rate of every 2-3 weeks. On average men and women may need to pay their stylist a visit every 4-6 weeks. By either consulting with your stylist for guidance, or going with a digital beauty service like e-salon who hires licensed colorists to customize color kits with instructions and support for a fraction of the salon cost, starting at $22. Throw the difference of what you did not spend (and the tip to yourself) in your piggy bank and take a nice vacay in six months.

Slow Down, Reconnect, and Cook for the Week

2. There’s no worse feeling than approaching Monday morning knowing you still need to grocery shop, aand cook? Shaking our collective heads. We know the feeling, we also know that outdoor dining is all the stuff right now to get out of the house, but toward the weekend give ordering your groceries online, for delivery or curbside pick up a whirl. Prepare two of your favorite meals for the week in your own kitchen. This can be a wonderful time of family bonding.  Involve or invite the elders over to assist for some intergenerational culinary love. Remember to buy or make healthy snacks, and great-ingredient sweets (if that’s your thing). Your tummy, and the family will thank you as you all just reach in the fridge to warm up your meals rather than hearing the dreaded door of the refrigerator open while you’re on a call, knowing there’s nothing satisfying that the kiddos or the hubby can quickly grab to eat. 

Sew What? – Sugaberry Favorite!

3. OK, this may sound a little antiquated but it’s still a great life skill to know and teach! When a button falls off, or a reasonable hemline droops do not take it to the tailor. Instead grab the sewing kit that may have very well collected dust and repair it yourself. You’ll enjoy the serenity of being still, rediscover the joy of doing a task with your hands for a focused few minutes of being seated. We’re already proud of you for keeping your hemline as straight as you possibly can.

Routinely Review Subscriptions

4. Subscriptions exist for just about every facet of life. So much so that we tend to forget about them. They just get quietly debited out of our accounts like little cash nymphs and we hardly notice. It’s OK if you can’t remember your subscription choices. We sifted through some to provide you one of the simplest, and visually easiest to just remind you of what you’re spending on subscriptions. The Bobby App is a popular, easy-to-use, go-to. Even your bank or credit union will remind you of an upcoming subscription payment. If you’re not using it or it no longer holds value for you, cancel it and set up that amount as an automatic deposit into a money market account, CD or use it to buy stock for your nest egg or for the itty bitty ones.

Wax On, Wax Off

5. It’s inevitable. Some stray hairs or a light line of downy hairs are going to grow somewhere on our faces, necks or some unwanted area. We don’t have to be eyebrow  gurus to capture a few strays to keep us at our groomiest. Initially, the cost may seem high for a wax warmer (keep the temperature warm, not too hot), wax, muslin strips, witch hazel, cotton pads, and wax sticks. But over time saving $10 for a lip wax, $15 for a jawline, and $20 for a stache line will pay off. Gigi is a tried and true brand and remember to prep the skin, and add the cooling gel to your cart. Break the mini wax sticks in half to stretch the purchase, dip each end only once, sanitation is key. Creme wax is a fave. Teach your young adult this skill for a waxing side gig when the dorms reopen, so your wallet can stay closed. It’s the gift that keeps on giving.



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