A Tale of Two Birth Plans: Actress Jazymn Simon Delightfully Dishes On New Motherhood

Actress Jazymn Simons hares her detailed birth plans for vaginal and c-section deliveries.

Actress, wife, and mother of two, (Levi, 10 months and Kennedy, 15 years old) Jazymn Simon, recently joined us for our very first episode of our podcast, The Suga, where she shared practical, hilarious and heartfelt advice for first-time mothers. She generously shared some of the resources she wished she had during her first pregnancy and she so lovingly blessed us with vaginal and c-section birth plan options, designed with her doula and medical team when preparing to deliver her son, Levi.

You can download both birth plans below and tune into her episode of THE SUGA,  A Love Letter to All The Mamas with Jazmyn Simon to find out which path she chose.

Don’t forget to catch Jazymn in her new series, Raising Dion on Netflix!



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