About Face – Celebrity Makeup Artist Mecca Dickerson’s 10 Essential Beauty Buys For Brown Mamas

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Ladies – your life is about to change for the even better. I’ve worked with Mecca for over five years in just about every capacity of my career – TV appearances, print work, film, premieres, you name it. She works with the best and brightest in Hollywood and is a woman with a peaceful and super kind vibe. She paints faces with the care and careful precision of a true artist. I just love her spirit and I want you to experience her tried and true product recommendations. — XO, Tika

Our Expert, Mecca Dickerson

Awww. I love my Tika, so sweet inside and out. Speaking of sweet, let’s jump right into things Sugaberries. I’m your virtual beauty coach, here to share some of my favorite products that I really believe in. 

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