Mama’s Mobile Money Helpers – 4 apps to manage, track and grow your coins

Credit Stacker

This app is not only cool and unique it was created by Angel Rich (who Forbes dubbed “the Next Steve Jobs”) one of the very few black women to create a financial app let alone find an innovative way to gamify your financial education!
The goal of the app is to,
“Help everyone to manage their finances.”
Everyone. Fun for babies, to mamas, and everyone in between. This is also a great app for the entire family to use together to begin to get little minds to understand financial literacy. It’s Candy Crush meets CNBC in a gaming app!
You should also check out her book, “The History of the Black Dollar”!

Clarity Money:

This is the app to help you wrap your brain around where exactly your money is going. One of the most appealing features for those of us who sign up for a “30 day trial” promising to set a notification to cancel before the charges start. Yeah, we all do it. Or the serial app subscriber. No judgement. This app is for you. Once you link your accounts Clarity Money offers the option to cancel unwanted subscriptions that are just quietly sucking money out of your account! Forgot you were paying for that streaming service? Never go to that gym? We can help track and cancel your subscriptions.

Every Dollar :

So the app is free, big plus, but you will need to manually enter all purchases for you to really get your budgeting in order. It sounds like a lot of work but it’s really the start to focusing on your finances and (what I like most about the app) if you are spending almost everything check to check not only does the spending input force you to not let anything fall through the cracks the app is made for budgeting on any income. Plus it’s easy to use!


If you know little to nothing about stocks but have a few hundred dollars to invest and learn Motif is where you should start. Motif allows you to customize your portfolio based on your interests (a thematic investment) and as long as you don’t plan on frequently trading it becomes fun to watch your investments. You can select your investment based on personal values, areas of industry that spark your interest, hobbies, etc. If you aren’t sure but want to put your money into the market Motif offers that too! It’s a good entry to a deeper understanding of how a larger investment could, potentially, make you money…once the economy ticks back up.



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