Blended Family Expert Naja Hall Shares 3 Simple Steps To Resolve Common Conflicts

First off, congratulations on being the birth or bonus mom or the loved one of the birth or bonus mom. Learn how to sprinkle in the mindset to build a bridge between us women, so that raising the kids and establishing open communication for their benefit, will result in clear, friendly expectations with liveable boundaries. Be the change you want to see and grow in ways you didn’t know you needed. Grab a pen and a notepad while knowing our kids are well worth it.

In this weekly video series join blended family expert and Stepfamily Coach, Naja Hall in 10 “edutaining” minutes to understand how to detangle what seems to be an unresolvable problem in your blended family situation.

This week we’re learning how to simply solve the 3 most common conflicts within in blended families.

Naja is the founder of @VIPStepmom and @Blended and Black. As a Certified Coach and Educator, she understands that the family is THE MOST influential entity of human development, and her work centers around helping individuals and families navigate some of life’s toughest transitions. As the host of a popular podcast, I Know I’m Crazy with Naja Hall and author of the Girl, Bye! Book series, Naja’s life’s work is to teach empathy, accountability, and emotional intelligence through the art of story-telling and genuine human connections. She’s a Stepmom of 3. You can find her at BlendedandBlack.com and VIPStepmom.com



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