Explore Pleasure Through The Five Senses With These Gifts

Dealing with day to day life often has us running around like chickens with no head. Between family, friend and work obligations we often forget to tend to our own needs and end up feeling disconnected from the most important person in our lives – ourselves. We forget all the things that make us happy and bring us pleasure, and not just the sexual kind either.

This week on The Suga podcast, Tika and Thai take a deep dive into the world of please to help us all tap into our sensual side with sexuality doula, Ev’Yan Whitney. During the show Ev’Yan steers listeners away from thinking that pleasure is something we can only experience through sexual interactions. They also remind us that we actually deserve to experience pleasure, and all the other amazing feelings life brings to the table. 

“We are meant to experience pleasure, we’re meant to experience joy and we’re meant to experience ease,” says Ev’Yan. 

2021 is all about reconnecting with ourselves and getting back to indulging in the life that we all deserve. If you’ve been looking for ways to tap into your pleasure principles, we’ve rounded up a few amazing items (some are even Black-woman owned!) that will ignite your senses and help you explore the world of pleasure in new and exciting ways. 

Sight – Fe Noel Nutmeg Caribbean Mint Robe

It’s no secret that when we look good, we feel good, and being into ourselves is one of life’s greatest pleasures. You don’t need a special occasion to indulge in self-love. Throw on something that makes you smile and puts an extra strut in your walk. Or treat yourself to something luxuriously beautiful and over-the-top like the gorgeous Nutmeg Caribbean Mint Robe from Grenadian designer Fe Noel. From the moment you slip the sheer robe onto your skin and catch a glimpse of yourself and the dramatic bell sleeves in the mirror, we promise you won’t be able to keep your eyes off yourself. 

Nutmeg Caribbean Mint Robe

Nutmeg Caribbean Mint Robe


Smell – Scent & Fire Passports and Resorts Candle

Scent evokes memories and emotions unlike any of the other senses. The subtlest fragrance notes can transport us through all the moments in life that we hold dear and help us envision those we have yet to experience. After being stuck at home for so long, we know that you could use a getaway. While you may not be able to get there physically, a great candle, like the Passports and Resorts scent from Scent & Fire, can whisk you away on a much-needed mental escape. With notes of Tonka, Coconut, and Sandalwood, this scent will invoke memories of you an exotic tropical beach.




Sound – Sonos Move 

Sure, a quiet household is music to a SugaMama’s ears, but so are some of the other wonderful sounds the world has to offer. Whether you’re enjoying a day alone in the house, a sun-filled day on the beach or hiding in the closet for ten minutes to catch a break, the portable Move speaker from Sonos allows you to indulge in all the sounds that bring you pleasure, joy and peace. Cue up an audiobook, a soothing meditation or jam to some tunes that fill your body and spirit with good vibes. Whichever you choose, remember that you deserve to enjoy every moment of it. 

Move from Sonos

Move from Sonos


Taste – BCakeNY Liquor Infused Mini Cupcakes

One pleasure that we always seem to deny ourselves is a tasty treat. Sure, you don’t want to overindulge in sweets, but sometimes we get so caught up in watching waistlines, counting calories and avoiding guilt, that we forget to take a moment away from all of that to enjoy a simple pleasure. There’s absolutely nothing wrong with savoring a sweet delight that you’ve been craving, and after adulting a week, there’s definitely nothing from with savoring a treat that has a little liquor in it. BCakeNY is a Black-owned company that makes mini liquor infused cupcakes that are heaven for your tastebuds and exactly what you need to enjoy the sweeter side to life.  

Liquor Infused Mini Cupcakes

Liquor Infused Mini Cupcakes


Touch – Lelo Sila Sonic Massager

While sex may not be the only way to experience please, it certainly is one of the most fun ways to. But how can you enjoy mind-blowing sex with your partner if you don’t know what you like? Exploring your own body is the best way to understand all the ways sexual pleasure excites you. With the Sila sonic massager from Lelo you’ll discover a new way to experience self-love as you listen to your body for a more intense orgasm. Thank us later. 

Sila sonic massager

Sila sonic massager


Listen along as we tap into our sensual side this week with Sexuality Doula, Ev’Yan Whitney.
Listen in and learn as they tell us all about how we can indulge in the pleasure we all deserve!



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