5 PhenomeMOMS Who Teach Us to Love Ourselves!

The following five mamas really get us on all levels. They touch our souls, renew our zest for living fully, while busting through ceilings and using their voices. They make it look so easy (but we know better). They’re an entire vibe in and of themselves and we just want to show them that sweet Sugaberry love. Cheers to them and to you mama!

Fierce + Friendly First Lady

Sarah Jakes Roberts is the BFF we all want and the first lady we all pray for. She keeps it real, honest, and always fun. She’s a SUGA podcast favorite, and while she’s running a business, preaching, teaching, momming, and being a wife she takes time to recharge her own batteries. Something we can all learn to indulge in a bit more.

The Glowing Doula

Latham Thomas is the founder of Mama Glow, a maternity brand that offers doula and fertility services. When she’s not facilitating the most amazing webinars or doula training, she’s mommy to her beautiful son Fulano. It’s evident that Latham glows from the inside out. Her sunshine is everything we need in our lives. Her cooking, dancing and advice on Instagram bursts with love. We can ride along with her and get our groove on along the way.

Mrs. Melanin, Our Bow-dacious Mama

Yvette Henry aka @mrsmelanin is a force, mom of four kids and wife to Glen Henry. The love they show via Instagram is infectious and inspiring. If you want to share in scriptures, love, and honesty in their podcast @howmarriedareyou, then you should follow them right now. Their type of positivity is the encouragement we want and need.

The Kind + Loving Mama

Kinda @thatkindaluv gives you joy and kindness wrapped in one fantastical love burrito. Raising five kids can already be a handful, yet Kinda who is also a blogger makes the constant balancing act feel like it’s all really doable. A refreshing personality who gives family time a whole new meaning. She makes us smile from our pinky toes and kinda reconnects us with who and what really counts.

Medical Student and Health Advocate Mama — Yes We Can!

Micah Gabriel @micahgabriel is doing the dang thang. She’s not only a health equity advocate and a Howard grad, but she’s also a Meharry Medical College student and mommy to a beautiful daughter. Talk about full days and inspiring people. What Micha teaches us is all things are possible even while forging a path that is seemingly overwhelming. We are extra inspired. Thank you Micha and keep killin’ it!!



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