Safe Pacifiers and Bottles To Give Mamas Peace of Mind

Pacifiers and baby bottles – which to choose from, which are the safest? Even from one child to delivering, or adopting the next, research and development and subsequent improvements happen swiftly.  It’s worth doing a little digging to learn more about the latest and greatest tools to feed and soothe the babies.

Chemical-Free Zone

Mushie’s Bibs Pacifier has been a parent favorite for over 40 years. The reviews rave how its shape mimics the breast form. Designed in various sizes for different ages, from 0-6 months, 6-18 months and 18-36 months. It is 100% FREE of BPA, (that bad chemical that can affect the brain, prostate gland, and behavior of fetuses, infants, and children – thank you Mayo Clinic), PVC, and phthalates-free (a family of chemical compounds that make vinyl flexible, and plasticized – thanks ChemicalSafetyFacts.org). It’s a simple, go-to “binko” for less than the price of a Big Mac combo at Mcdonald’s. Under $10 dollars very well spent.

Rubber Made

Sophie la Girafe So’Pureall-natural rubber pacifier has a one-piece design that helps the “nonnie” to breathe. With this sucker, you won’t have to worry about baby inhaling harmful bacteria. There are no slits for the invisible germs to live in. The 100% natural rubber “fussifier” promises to create soft flexibility on babies’ faces. It’s a pricey paci but it seems to be worth every dime. 

Wean and Grow!

Wow, life has changed so much in three short years! Babyland now offers pacifier weaning systems. Fridababy’s system comes with five soothers invented by actual dentists. It gradually reduces sucking satisfaction to wean from orthodontic nipple. Our co-founder, Tika has never seen such a thing, but she is jonesing to one day test it out on her second kiddo. Any good  auntie, grandma, and mama knows, weaning a wee one off of one of these “tings” is no joke!

No Nipple Confusion Here

This little cutie Comotomo Silicone, BPA-free baby bottle comes in pink and green. It’s microwave safe and helps the baby to volley easily back-and-forth, if you decide to breastfeed. Even if you don’t, it mimics a natural breast. It promises to be leak, shatterproof, and dishwasher safe. Sign us up.

Super + Safe Sippies

We found a gem of a sippy cup at Darlyng & Co! The Transition Antibacterial Sippy Cup! They asked if, “We were tired of moldy sippy cups?” We hollered back, “Yes!!” They asked if, “We were tired of replacing sippy cups every week?” We screamed, “Yes!” All this energy for our Sugaberries of course. Their sippy cup features high molecular antibacterial materials and original straw technology and a suction design to protect your babies teeth. Whoever is pushing out the next pudding pop, we need you to try this out!



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