5 Black Travel Communities and the Boss Babes Who Own Them

Black people infuse over $60 million in the travel industry. We’ve come a mighty long way since the days of the The Negro-Motorist Green Book, the Black travelers’ guide of the 50s and 60s, created by Harlem postal carrier, Victor Hugo Green. It was for business and vacation travelers alike who by city and state needed to know of Black or non-discriminatory establishments or of homeowners who would rent rooms.

It was a vacation guide but it was a safety guide that included much-needed advice of knowing your rights and it was advised to never leave home without it, so that we could vacation and see the world safely against the dangers of Jim Crow and racism throughout the US.

In great numbers we are venturing the world over with purpose in every step to expand our horizons, change the travel narrative, and to discover more of ourselves, to build a stronger sense of community. Even though global travel has slowed significantly, road tripping is at a high, and virtual travel is going strong to simply stay connected. The following women are soaring in their own right, have their own stories, and inspos, and own companies that curate journeys with Black women in mind.  They lure us to relish in  our globetrotting ways or energize us to begin to conquer fears of travelling alone or with new companions. You’ll want to bookmark their links for when travel widely reopens. For now scour their offerings, and plan for an adventurous future.

Jaunt with Jessica

Founded by Jessica Nabongo,@catchmeifyoucan, the first Black woman who has visited every country in the world, every experience is curated based on her insights from her extensive travel. Jet Black is a boutique travel firm that offers a variety of travel-related services to individuals, governments and brands. It couples deep cultural dives with luxury travel.

Specializing in travel to Africa, Central and South America and the Caribbean to promote tourism primarily to these regions with the goal of changing the narrative and showing the richness of the countries in the African diaspora and why they should be at the top of your list for beaches, food, nightlife, mountains, outdoor activities, spas, culture, history and all things discovery when traipsing to new locations.

Chocolate-Covered Travel

From the start of her Instagram account five years ago, to over 100K mostly melanated explorers, Black Girls Travel Too creates travel experiences designed to breathe life into Black women. Their trips span from the islands of Barbados to the crown cultural jewels of the UK and beyond. Experiences are curated to silence the noise and offer women the freedom to live up to their own expectations.  With Black Girls Travel Too, calendarize your plan, pack your bags at the right time, and let them take care of everything else!

Steeped in the Africa Experience

Founded by CEO Cherae Robinson, called the “sexy, dope way to experience Africa” by Fusion and heralded as an innovator by AFAR, Conde Nast Traveler, CNN and others,  Tastemakers Africa offers unique tours created and hosted by artists, creators, and makers in Africa and beyond. Their priority is on culture created by people of African descent. They help you connect with people in authentic ways whether you are exploring nightlife with a DJ, learning food traditions from a chef, or experiencing living history with an icon.What’s so unique is their palpably thriving online community is keeping us connected through all sorts of webinars, and music experiences, readying us to be outside and in the airways after the Rona lifts.

Wander with Your Tribe

NOMADNESS Travel Tribe started when founder Evita Robinson a.k.a. Evie Robbie logged her trots on YouTube. The Nomadness Travel Tribe, a multi-platform of everything travel is thousands of members strong, has a TV web series, has content on TED Talk, and they educate through workshops, events, and conferences all the time. Trips tend to sell out in five quick minutes. Be sure to get one passport stamp on your own, then attend their Newbie Bootcamp, and your travelling ways will never be the same.

Travel: The Necessary Priority

Founder and CEO Zim Ugochukwu started Travel Noire for young professionals to commune while enjoying exotic destinations. Sold to Blavity to increase its reach, they are precise with expanding the joys and process of travel to everyday people of color and they arm us with the education to remove the intimidation and hesitancy from each step. TN launched Compass, a course to teach members how to travel, action packed with training sessions in the form of live calls, and workshops with trusted vets. No excuses, let’s go!



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