Swaddles to Snuggle Your Baby Perfectly

At the hospital those nurses just swaddle your new bundle with the just right amount of snuggle and the perfect amount of sleeping comfort. You watch them wrap, and roll with high attentiveness, determined to master these seemingly simple folds. You try it out with your nurse mentor, and it’s a bust. You have not failed as a parent if you cannot swaddle like trained professionals who do so for hours a day. This is for the parents who just can’t always get it right! We have some swaddling behaviour that just might help your little burrito baby sleep oh soooo good! And you’ll get more zzzzz’s too!

Target’s SwaddleMe Original Swaddle

If only every swaddle was this easy to plop baby in and cover with two adjustable wing tabs. For the mom who ever felt like a failure because of not being great at swaddling. Rest easy sistar, we got you!

Monica + Andy’s Rainbow Skies Swaddle Bundle, will not only put a smile on your face, but it promises it feels like a cloud. The bundle comes with a blanket and a hat to keep the cutey extra cozy. It’s 100% organic material that also pinky promises not to fade, shrink or peel. The founder is a mom herself and seems to understand that baby’s skin should be coddled and protected at the same time.

The Original Woombie in HedgeHog Gray

Zip, Zoom! This 3-step swaddle blanket seems to get baby comfy in no time. With no re-wrapping this swaddle is supposed to replicate what it was like para los niños in the womb. They promise the two way zipper makes diaper changes easy as 1,2,3. This brand seems to be a winner.

Los Sueños Dulce

Love to Dream Transitional Swaddles are for babies who want to spread their wings, pardon our spread out little fingers, and fly, without feeling completely restricted. You have the option to zip on or off one or both sleeves, depending on what your babe loves. This swaddle is great for moderate climates.

Double Duty, Wrap and Recover

Little Unicorn’s Deluxe Muslin swaddle baby blanket named “swim cap” is the ol’ faithful out of the bunch. You can later use it for a light blanket during summers or for an afternoon picnic. If taking time to wrap your babe up is your thing, here’s a sweet one to help.



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