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There’s so much freedom in allowing unconventional finds to give your abode the warmth and coziness it deserves. It’s deeply satisfying to live and play in an environment that feels so cushy it reminds you of a great staycation. What higher compliment can you get other than when someone visits and says, ‘it feels so homey in here’, although on most days your house is scrubbed fresh top to bottom and organized to the nines. Allow the style and sheer delight of these 8 Jungalow “ARTicles” to speak to your heartstrings and your pursestrings!

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Tika’s Selections

Snuggle Rug

I’m obsessed with pink, so this pink woven carpet is a no brainer. It also just makes me feel happy when I look at it! No wonder it’s called the Blush Fiesta Tassel Rug because for under $100 you have a snugly party by just being in the same room together. Handmade in India it makes a bold statement especially when surrounded by tons of fresh foliage. 

Blush Fiesta Tassel Rug

Blush Fiesta Tassel Rug


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Prints that Please

I love animals! Especially giraffes, they are so graceful and they always seem to me like they’re minding their own business. My kind of animal. This Karina Jambrak original design conveys such rich beauty of a darling beast who is about to dine on succulent leaves. I adore how unbothered she looks as she stares at us as we gaze at her. A soft-matte finish that is sure to be a beautiful conversation starter.

The Journey

I love how the earth is surrounding the brown woman at the center of this picture. There’s a lightness to it, a humanity. The artist relies on dreams, magic, the universe and all of its whimsy and light to drive her passion. San Diego, CA-based Maheswar Janarthanan creates a work of interconnectedness and derives themes based on her own journey. The Flow Art print moves me to embrace my own version of this thing called life. Deep sigh. 

Unique Planter

This vase is everything. The shapes, the color.. it’s another piece that makes me smile and want plants everywhere. I think I’ll buy four. A ceramic planter described by Jungalow as “jungalicious” – so much fun to say that word, I can see it interspersed with other indoor pots while splashing the green scene with flair, “pastelishness” and softened geometry.

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Thai’s Selections

You Light Up my Life

When I laid eyes on these large Rattan Lanterns the first two words that came to mind were relaxing and romantic. What a great way to warm up a patio or porch. Home is where the heart is and these beauties say love, memories, and amazing conversations. How spellbinding is that? They’re coupled off, sold in sets of 2 and add the perfect ambiance indoors or outdoors.

Touchable Texture

I’m going to take my time with this one in three decadent words. Honey. Velvet. Ottoman. This pouf is like dessert for extra seating, to hold baked treats, cocktails, in other words it’s rich and versatile. The very feel of it reminds you of your favorite sweater, the visible texture is soothing to run your hands back and forth over and over again — just because! I’ve said enough. Time to click buy.

Floral Art

Ooooooh, where do I begin? At first glance the greenery with all its rich hues captures your eye. Then the brightness of the flowers vies for the attention. The spirit of the outside comes inside with full feminine force – strong enough to be shared within a general gallery and soft enough to accent a vanity space. You reign over where this piece is crowned.

Fairest of Them All

Wow. This very chic mirror blends diamonds and circles to create its unique shape. The brass trim reminds me of glamping – rustic on the outside yet sophisticated and ever present with impeccable style. Reflective, demure and magical. It will stop you in your tracks with each walk by. I hope you’re ready for your close-up.

Brass Framed Mirror

Brass Framed Mirror

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