10 Fun, In-Home Activities to Keep You and the Kids Entertained Today

Quarantine has us all going a bit stir-crazy. Our homes don’t quite feel big enough and our go-to activities have become stale. And, if we’re being honest, we can only watch the same Disney movies so many times before we get tired of our favorite girl-power anthems.

It’s a constant challenge to keep ourselves and our kiddos educated and entertained from the confines of our homes. And now that we’ve got to keep social distancing for a little longer, we run the risk of being bored faster than ever. But fear not! There are still amusing activities the whole family can thoroughly enjoy to keep coronavirus cabin fever safely at bay.

1. Visit a (virtual) museum.

You can’t travel the world, but you and the kids can still globe-trot from your living room by taking free virtual tours of museum exhibits at world-class and monumental places like The British Museum London, The Louvre in  Paris, or Rijksmuseum in Amsterdam.

2. Break out the games and get interactive!

Dust off your favorite board games and sit around the table in the spirit of healthy competition for a few rounds of chess, checkers, Trouble, or Scrabble. Experience an exciting remix of toys you currently have thanks to Hasbro’s latest campaign, #BringHometheFun  a portal for parents, filled with activities from Play Doh to gaming. Remember to get creative and even more knowledgeable by conducting a science experiment.

3. Learn another language.

Now is a great time to practice that mostly-fluent second (or third) language you already know or learn a new one. Free resources like dual-language books and the Duolingo app will get you speaking a new language in no time.

Flip the script by only speaking in your new language for an entire day or while playing family board games to hone your skills.

4. Write a letter.

We could all use a kind word or a bit of encouragement. Put a smile on grandpa, auntie, or even a neighbor’s face by writing a short letter by hand. You can even drag out the arts and crafts to make a card for an extra special touch. Think how special it will be to receive such a personal item. Then mail it to them!

5. Go old school.

A little running around will make you and your little ones laugh while getting some exercise in. You don’t need much to start an old-fashioned game of Hide and Seek, Tag, Duck Duck Goose, or any number of indoor games you played at school on rainy days.

6. Create an in-home movie theater.

We’re all watching more Netflix than we want, but you can still make that time magical by stringing up lights, creating a makeshift concessions stand, fake movie tickets, or decorating the living room like your favorite theater. Start with a fun and educational activity like turning a smartphone into a projector using a shoebox!

7. Take a (virtual) walk through a national park.

When the backyard or daily walk around the neighborhood isn’t enough, visit the great outdoors with virtual tours of canyons, volcanoes, and rolling mountainsides.
You can even take that safari that’s been on your bucket list, too!

8. Cave in and join the TikTok craze.

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Listen, sometimes the latest trends are unavoidable. But now is the best time to hop on the bandwagon. Everyone’s doing it—and it’s fun! You might even go viral.

9. Check out an e-book from the library.

Libraries may be closed, but you can still check out their online resources. The Los Angeles Public Library has tons of free materials through the Libby App. Your favorite books may be available to download, or you can find new ones to enjoy.

10. Try indoor sports.

Keep the kids moving with modified versions of your favorite sports. When playing soccer or football, walk instead of run (and touch, instead of tackle). For tennis, make rackets out of cardboard boxes or paper plates and toss balloons into the air.

Whatever activity you decide to do just remember to have fun!



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