Your Mini Will Love Wearing These Masks From Black-Owned Businesses

Make mask wearing an adventure with these cute and fun designs for kids!

It’s no secret that the COVID-19 pandemic has affected Black and brown communities far more that white ones, with our people ending up in the hospital and dying more than any other group. Dealing with the effects of the pandemic have been difficult for adults, so imagine how hard it has been for our Mini’s, who don’t understand the facts, figures and severity of the moment at hand.

As a SugaMama your top priority is making this unprecedented time as comfortable as possible for your little one, but with mask wearing becoming a mandatory normal in many places, figuring out how to get them accustomed to wearing masks when they don’t understand the purpose can be a bit tricky. One way to get them on board is by making mask wearing adventure with colorful and fun fabrics that keep them stylish and safe. From superheroes to natural divas, we’ve rounded up a few face masks that they will love to wear. Bonus? They’re all from Black-owned businesses, because now more than ever we need to support and stay safe, for the culture.

Keeley Studio Reversible Face Mask

Keeley’s handmade masks are going to be a big hit with the mini superheroes in your life. The comics-inspired prints are bright and playful and easily make mask wearing a little more fun. On the more practical side they’re reversible, with a different fabric print on each side. For the kids this means they get to be two superheroes at the same time, for you it’s a helpful way to always know which side was on your kid’s mouth and which was exposed to the air around them. Look, now you’re a superhero too.

Aloha Glamour African Print Face Mask

Wear a mask, and do it for the culture. Aloha Glamour’s super cute African print masks allow your kids to be both stylish and staff. The Afro-Waiian boutique’s handmade masks also come in a variety of vibrant colors and are reversible and reusable. They can even be hand-washed which makes it easy for you to stay safe on the go. You can even match your SugaKid’s swag by grabbing an adult version of the same mask. Trust us, neither of you will want to take them off.

Adia Jamille Rainbow Sprinkles Face Mask

Adia Jamille has always been a creative that loved to explore art in all its various forms. That love of art shows in every detail on these beautiful three-layer cotton masks, which come in children’s and adult sizes. The tie-on ear straps and nose are adjustable to ensure a better fit, and prevent gaps. The colorful rainbow inspired design invokes memories of fun-filled summer days and ice cream cones with sprinkles. What kid (or big kid) can get sad wearing a mask like that?

Pretty Dope Vinyl Superhero Kid Face Mask

Looking for a way to convince your kid that wearing a mask is cool? This superhero mask full of Black kid joy from Pretty Dope Vinyl is exactly what you need.  They’ll feel like a real-life hero saving the world from pesky germs in this colorful mask. Don’t worry about the mask slowing them down because the material is lightweight and made with two layers of organic cotton that can be rewashed and reused. Their face will light up every time they put it on and go out to save the day, and yours will too.

Culture Confidence Soul Face Mask

Got a natural hair diva at home that doesn’t want a mask stealing her shine? Grab one of these funky culture confidence soul face masks from Izzy and Liv and help her step out in style. This chic mask celebrates every kink, curl, and coil in a Black girl’s hair journey, and the fly girl who wears the crown. The adjustable straps make sure your mask never slips and the easy hand washable fabric means it’s easy to maintain.  But make sure you order one for your little one asap because these stylish masks sell out quickly.



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