8 Reasons Your Minis Will Adore Kymberly Stewart Music, and You Will Too! (VIDEO)

Oakland, CA native and now a proud Angeleno, Kymberly Stewart creates original kids music that will usher pure sweetness to the beat of her sparkling, melodious voice, in the lives of your little ones. But wait, as we listened we started jammin’ out too! Her music brings out the wee-ones in all of us and here’s why you gotta buy her music, let her host your next kids event or purchase her 3 new fall releases now!

Our Kids Musician, and Vocalist, Kymberly Stewart

I Like to Sing My ABCs

You had me at, “Hello!”. This soulful jazzy number will lock the alphabet soup into the minds of your minis unlike any version you’ve heard before. Her melodious voice and the midtempo is great for singing along, memorization to music which you can easily add to any homeschooling situation while you prepare snacks and lunch.

Am a Robot

Adding on learning brings all the feels. Your tiny bot begins with learning to dance, then clapping, then jumping…you’ll have to listen to the rest of the song to find out the rest. It’s just a joy to have preschool and elementary fun with these tunes,  we’re going to peel ourselves away from this one to share the others we love, love, love!

Down Down Up Up

Does your mini still get confused with his or her directions? The left. The other left, you always say? We have the perfect solution Mamas! Learning directions with Kymberly is proven to be a blast, aerobic, and you’ll be jammin’ like you’re in the kiddie club. She adds in some quintessential freeze action and it’s a total wrap in the best way possible.

Music in the Park

You’re a Big Kid

Honor the big kids by celebrating every single independent achievement. Let them know how proud you are of them, their growth and that you notice it. “You’re so helpful and I’m so proud of you…” tugged at our heartstrings as we beamed with happiness.

Let’s Pop Some Corn

Signal that it’s movie night with this ditty. It’s 80s old school hip hop vibe is infectious. Grab the blankets, dim the lights, and enjoy your movie, if your movie night doesn’t turn into a dancey dance party that is.


You never knew there were so many types of these things! Imaginations will soar with all of the types of shoes there are and the imaginative places where they’ll be found. The colors, shapes and places you will go with this song. One of our most favorite and yummies lines? “Shoes that look like cotton candy…” of course.

Kymberly performing at Mar Vista Farmers Market

Tommy the Turtle

An ode to the classic Ms. Mary Mack, just remember this is the Kymberly Steward REMIX, Oh Kayyyy? Her music is just loaded with soul bounce, and fun, period.

Hey Mr. Moon

Hands down corralling the minis to get prepared for bed will be much easier with this song as the musical underbed. It outlines all the things necessary for reaching a cozy, peaceful and we are sure of a much-needed rest for everyone involved in bedtime routines.

Three new releases are coming just in time for Halloween, and Thanksgiving. Halloween Is Here Tonight; Autumn Leaves Are Falling; and teaching the kiddos gratitude with I’m Thankful.

This is one of those projects you can listen to the whole way through and not turn it off because it’s whiny or annoying. You will, guaranteed, find yourself bouncing, and singing along too. We know we did.

Get Kymberly Stewart Music in your life today, and keep her there until the kids get to bed or graduation, whichever comes first!

Click here to listen to Kymberly’s music: https://www.kymberlystewart.hearnow.com

All KS music is downloadable on iTunes, Spotify, Apple Music, Amazon, Pandora and wherever music is sold. Follow her on IG @kymberlystewartmusic and dash over to kymberlystewartmusic.com to get to know your newest, and favorite kids musician today! 



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